Essential Software Solutions that Streamline your Business

Optimise your Business while Saving Time & Money.

Solutions to everyday challenges.

Posude recognises the problems you encounter on a daily basis and has put together a suite of software solutions designed to make your life easier!

Posude - Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

Gain deep insights into your business; identify your best performers, analyse stock levels, become more efficient.

Posude - Document Delivery

Send all important customer documents electronically. Save a minimum of €3,600/year on postage costs.

Posude - Mobile Sales Rep App

Allows your sales team to place orders when they are out with clients.

Posude - Shopify Integration

Get selling online with your own Shopify branded web store.

Posude - Availability

Match employer needs with available candidates. Perfect for locums or short term hire requirements.

Posude - Do you require a software solution?

Our team can create a custom solution based on your needs.

Want to find out more about our solutions?

At Posude we are always working on new applications, if you would like to contact us regarding any of our products simply click on the button below.